Your Guide to Creating a Zen-Inspired Bedroom

Your Guide to Creating a Zen-Inspired Bedroom

May 22, 2019

The huge demands of our everyday lives can leave us feeling stressed, tired and quite simply, drained. However, a new interior design trend based on the idea of ‘Zen’ philosophies is one of the ways you can allow your space to have a much more peaceful and serene vibe.

‘Zen’ is a Japanese phrase that relates to the effects of meditation and in recent years, has been applied to the home interior as a way of bringing a sense of relaxation and harmony to a room. As your bedroom is one of the places in the home where you go to relax, it makes sense that this style of décor works well.

There are no specific rules on how you can create a ‘Zen’ inspired interior; however, an understated and clean approach is one of the fundamental basics for getting the look just right.
Here are a few simple tips to turn your bedroom into a Zen-inspired paradise.

1. Use natural tones To get the basics of a Zen look down to a tee, you need to use natural colors that allow for that earthy, outdoors feel. Soft and neutral tones such as beige, grey or white give the space a sense of calm and relaxation to help you unwind before bed. Choose a few tones at maximum and incorporate it throughout the room with matching accessories and furniture.

To prevent the bedroom from looking bland and uninteresting, you could add one contrasting color or pattern to offset the design.

2. Choose natural fabrics. Sticking with the same color tone throughout the room, you should also opt for fabrics that are natural, light and comfortable. One of the most important foundations for a Zen-inspired bedroom is the choice of curtains, as they give that sense of privacy, intimacy and reduces the feeling of intrusion from the outdoors. Fabrics such as linen and wool would be the ideal materials to stick to for the Zen theme.

3. Select appropriate lighting. To ensure your bedroom feels relaxing in the evening time, get rid of any overpowering white lights and replace with those that give off a warm and cozy glow. It would be an idea to choose a variety of light fittings to place around the room, so you can control the concentration of each light to what suits you best.

Instead of the typical ceiling light that gives off a strong and direct light, mix up your choice of lighting with the use of floor lamps, wall lamps or even a bedside table lampfor reading.

4. Keep furniture simple. When it comes to selecting furniture, one of the best forms of advice would be to choose pieces that are simple and don’t overpower the room with too much detail.

The furniture should be made of natural materials to bring a touch of relaxation and calm to your space. You don’t have to leave the natural wood on show if this style isn’t quite to your taste. Furniture such as a chest of drawers, storage cupboard and wardrobes could be painted in neutral tones to match the rest of the interior.

Here are some useful tips for using furniture for a Zen-inspired feel:

  • Position the bed next to a window to gain some natural light, so you feel more connected to the outdoors.
  • Although you may believe that adding an abundance of pillows and throws to your bed may provide further comfort, it can become distracting to the overall look of the room. Use neutral-toned fleeces or wool blankets so that they don’t clash with your other accessories.
  • A simple armchair will make a great place for reading or overlooking the scenery out of your window.

5. Pay attention to accessories. Similarly to furniture, make sure your accessories are simple and don’t over clutter the room. Avoid large collections of ornaments and paintings, as they can overwhelm the space and make it feel claustrophobic and small. Instead, select accessories that team well with the rest of the décor in terms of color and style.

6. Use scents. Nothing is more relaxing than enhancing your room with vigorous scents. The likes of fresh-smelling beeswax candles and the scent of linen spray will not only provide a touch of calm before dropping off to sleep but can also allow you to feel energized and productive the next day.

7. Be wary of technology in  the modern world, it can be hard to wean ourselves off technology as it has become part and parcel of our everyday lives. However, the negative effect of including too many devices in your Zen-inspired interior is that it can intrude with a peaceful state of mind.

If you are keen on having a television in your bedroom, then you could hide it away in a specially-designed cupboard for example, which can be opened to reveal the device when you need it. Make sure you also hide away any wires that can contribute to making the space feel cluttered and disorganized.

8. Add a few plants. For centuries, plants have been known to calm the mind and body, so why not add a few to your bedroom to incorporate the natural environment into your home? Plants give off plenty of oxygen and therefore, can allow you to feel calmer and help you breathe easy. Do be aware that some plants are more difficult to look after than others and may also give off strange smells.

Some of the best plants for your bedroom that promote a good night’s sleep include:

  • Lavender: This plant has been known to encourage sleep and reduce anxiety. The glorious scent has also been proven to lower heart rate, stress, and blood pressure.
  • Aloe Vera: This plant releases bursts of oxygen at night, which makes you sleep easier. It would be best to place the plant on your bedroom windowsill, as it requires a great deal of natural sunlight.
  • Jasmine: This plant has been known to have a soothing effect on the mind, by reducing anxiety levels and helping promote regular sleep patterns. Research has also shown that as a result, it can also allow for greater productivity throughout the following day.